Kim Hyun Joong receive 1,75 billion Won ???

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Kim Hyun Joong receive 1,75 billion Won ???

Post by licia on Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:25 am

The value of new contracts received by Kim Hyun Joong is widely used as a topic of conversation by the netter Korea. Understandably there are not small, it's 1.75 billion Won (approximately USD 17.5 billion). It is delivered directly by management representatives Hyun Joong, KeyEast Entertainment on 2 September. "Kim Hyun Joong has been selected by The Face Shop's cosmetics brand as a model of domestic and international advertising them," explained the representative KeyEast.

The Face Shop itself is a brand of cosmetics that occupy the top echelons of the Korean cosmetics brands. They also have 18 branches in the international market, aka the world. Model of The Face Shop's previous ad is an actor Kwon Sang Woo and Bae Yong Jun. The Face Shop want to continue to show the strength of their product that luxury and Hyun Joong's appeal in international markets. Meanwhile, The Face Shop's latest ad starring Hyun Joong began playing in various TV and the Internet in September.

"Kim Hyun Joong Images are refreshing as well as elegance very well with the concept of 'natural elegance' of our products, which we currently grow as a global brand," explained an official representative of The Face Shop to explain why they chose Hyun Joong as new model products.

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