What is Lee Minho’s Response to Being ShinDong’s Lookalike?

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What is Lee Minho’s Response to Being ShinDong’s Lookalike?

Post by kim_chie on Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:15 am

KBS 2TV recently broadcasted an interview with actor Lee Minho on Entertainment Relay, where he was asked whether he was aware that Super Junior ShinDong’s face matched his, revealed on the latter’s official Twitter on the 13th of September.

ShinDong had uploaded the face recognition result with the word “Sorry” written next to it, as his face matched Minho’s with 23% resemblance making him the number 1 lookalike.

Lee Minho revealed that he was well aware of this and replied “It was funny”, whilst also adding “Why is he sorry though?”, saying that he doesn’t need to feel sorry at all.

Do you think he looks like ShinDong?

big No No No No

Source: Star News
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