Hyun Joong: “Ghost? I think I still see about 2 in a year”

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Hyun Joong: “Ghost? I think I still see about 2 in a year”

Post by nikky32 on Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:11 am

“Ghost? I think I still see about 2 in a year”. Until now, Kim Hyunjoong will still say some sentences that gives rise to bursts of laughters. Though he isn’t one who can totally open his heart in front of outsiders, so long content comes from him, it never fails to be frank and sincere and, real.

In showbiz, one could hear the many ghost stories of celebrities, but no one, ever told a ghost story as calmly as Kim Hyunjoong did. You know, even “meeting ghosts” is like a daily routine for him, he often portrudes this eerie and uncontrollable air about him. “Kyujong and I saw ghosts before, and we both asked each other, ‘did you see it just now?’, ‘yeah I saw’”. Goosebumps rose on the back skin of our journalist, but on Kim Hyunjoong’s face, it was expressionless as though nothing was the case. Interview also came to an end then, but still, we couldn’t quite grasp what kind of person Kim Hyunjoong is.

Recently there are so many new words to describe Kim Hyunjoong, like what “Bae Yongjoon’s successor”, “2nd generation of Hanryu star”, “representative icon of youth and fashion” etc etc, but him who lies within the core of discussion is ever so calm-minded, as if it does not concern him at all. Since he does everything according to plans, he’s a more rational person than sentimental. He reveals that he often tries hard to change from a sensational person to a rational one, because this is a pavement where everybody has to walk past in order to turn mature.

Until now, Kim Hyunjoong has been living his life according to his plans, exactly because of that, he will take in people’s suggestions and feedbacks while ignoring the harsh and bad talks abut him, not because he’s doing it on purpose but rather it comes as a form of him – born by nature. “I’ve never bothered myself with those harsh talks, I’m very extremely satisfied with my fans who support me and my working environment. Why should I please the people who don’t like me? Even if these kind of people humiliate my parents is fine as well, because I have absolutely no need to take these people who don’t understand me into heart. Besides, they’re not speaking truth”. With such a reason, he does not mind at all how people rate him based on acting in [Playful Kiss] and its low ratings.
“My hanryu generation will be a brand new generation”, as he says. Kim Hyunjoong with such confidence will surely turn to a glorious sight. This is no big talk as this has already formed into a concrete map presented right in front of us.
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