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Episode 1

[Scene 1 : Forest]

There are butterlies and birds in the forest.
SengJo(SJ) is smelling flowers.

Hani is sleeping by the tree. SJ approaches and kisses her.

SJ goes away and all Hani can see is a white horse.
Hani winks at the white horse and follows it.
SJ is there. They looks at each other. At the moment SJ tries to kiss her,

Hani wakes up on the bench. It was a dream.

[Scene 2: School]

Teacher: Hani, O Hani, What’re you thinking ?
Hani : (She is smiling with imaginations)
Teacher : Isn’t it hard to study? I know that how hard it must be living as a college prep student
In Korea, but it won’t be as hard as a homeroom teacher of you!!!

[Scene 3 : Common room at School]

Hani is talking with friends –Juri and Mina
Juri : When are you going to do a housewarming party?
Hani : We’re still arranging stuff
Mina: Ask BongJungKu to help you. He was watching you all the time.
A bunch of girls are passing by. Jangmi(seems to be junior to Hani but likes SJ as well) puts in coin to the vending machine but the canned juice doesn’t come out.
Hani kicks the vending machine and the canned juice comes out.
Girl 1 : SJ got the perfect score on the last mock test.
Juri : He’s not a human.
Hani : No, he’s not~ He is a fairy in the woods
SJ appears. He puts coins in to the vending machine and the canned juice doesn’t come out.
Jangmi calls Hani
Hani reluctantly approaches to the vending machine and kicks it to get the canned juice out.
SJ expresses his puzzlement on his face.

[Scene 4: Drawing Room at School]

Juri :Make a confession! Tell him that you like him!
Hani : Confession?
Juri : We will graduate soon. How long will you hide how you feel?
Hani : I’d love to make an impressive confession. Do you have any idea?
Juri: My precious~ I love you, SJ
Mina: Animal dances when they try to win its heart
———-Here, I skip the scenes at drawing room which won’t affect the story line———

[Scene 5: Teachers’ room]

Principal is scolding Hani’s homeroom teacher.
Princial : Your clss is lowering the average score. Your class is like a cancer on our school.
SJ appears.
Principal (to SJ) It’s so grateful that we have such a great student like you.

[Scene 6: Hani’s Noodle store]

Hani : Dad~ How did you confess to Mom that you loved her?

[Scene 6-1: Shabby place]- Hani’s imagination

SJ is chased by bullies. Hani is also one of bullies.
Hani threatens SJ
Hani : Will you kiss me or live with me?
Will you live with me or die there?
SJ chooses to die and goes into the coffin.

Hani’s dad : Loveletter is the best way to confess your love.
Hani storms out of the noodle store.

[Scene 7: School]

SJ opens the school locker and hani’s loveletter comes out.

Juri : You haven’t heard from him? You wrote down your name and phone number?
Hani : Yes, but I don’t think he will give me a call.
Mina : He might not have seen it yet.
SJ passes by them.

Juri : He must haven’t seen the letter, HANI, O HANI ( to let him notice her name)
SJ : O Hani? Are you O Hani?
SJ stepps down and gives letter to Hani.

Hani : I wouldn’t expect the answer. Shall I read it now? Here?
Hani’s face clouds while she is reading it.
Jangmi takes the letter out and reads it
Jangmi : What is this? Did you write the loveletter to SJ?
He corrected the spelling and gave the score D-
BongJunku : What the hell are you doing?
SJ : I’m sorry for that this happens. I don’t like the girl who is stupid
Bongjunku : Where the hell are you going? Make an apology.
SJ : Get out of my way!
SJ : What am I apologizing for? To correct the spelling?
BongJK : You should have seen the heart of her not the letters. Come on if you dare!!!

Principal appears.
Principal : Bongjungku ! You come to my office.
SJ~ don’t pay any attentions to them.
SJ : He mentioned that you were like a cancer of the school.
Don’t you see the graph of ranking?
Are you just stupid or Do you have a strong stomach?
Unfortunately, I just can’t stand the stupid girl or the girl who has a strong stomach.

Everyone at school heard about how Hani was embarrassed by SJ and gossipped about it.

[Scene 8 : Hani’s new house]

Bong jung ku, Juri, Mina comes to housewarming.
While they are having dinner together, Hani’s new house collapses by the earthquake.
It is so rare thing to happen that it is broadcasting on the news.

[Scene 9: School]

Juri : Are you still staying at the hotel?
Hani : No, we’re staying with dad’s friend’s house. He contacted him after watching the news.
Bong junk ku is collecting money for Hani at school.
Bong Jung ku : “ Love collection for O Hani “
Help our friend!
Hani wants to hide somewhere and SJ passes by.
Bong Jung Ku : How come you just pass by? Didn’t you watch the news last night?
SJ : I didn’t make the earthquake, but all right, I’ll chip in.
Hani : I won’t take your money. I don’t need your help!
SJ : Is that so? All right,then I respect it.
Hani : How come you look down on everyone? Are you that great?
I can do it well, too!
SJ : Show it to me.
Hani : I’ll show it to you. How about coming exam?
I’ll make it to the special class, then what would you do?
SJ : I’ll turn around the field carring you on my back.
Hani : Deal!!!

[Scene 10: Hani and Hani’s dad at the truck]

Hani : So are you that close each other?
Hani’s dad : Yes, we grew up like a family until middle school

[Scene 11: SJ’s house]

SJ’s dad and mom welcomes Hani and Hani’s dad.
They start to move the lugguage from the truck.
SJ’s mom : Son~ Come down and help us!
When Hani is carrying the lugguage, SJ appears.
SJ : Do you need any help?
Hani : (Surprised) YOU!!!!!!

Episode 1 ends~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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